Ice Dam Winter 2015 wreaked havoc on New England.  Not being able to see the ground for 3 months certainly put a damper on my spirits!

One of the biggest issues with the weather, was the ice dams that occurred on houses.  Our partners at Arbella Insurance put together a useful brochure on ice dams – what’s the do’s and don’t and how to prevent ice dams at your home.

How Does an Ice Dam Happen? View Here

Ice dams happen when water from melting snow run down the surface of your roof and refreezes. As the cycle of freezing and melting continues, ice builds up and begins to “dam.” Sometimes the pooled water finds its way under shingles and refreezes, lifting the shingles from the roof deck and creating a spot for water to enter your house.

While not the most exciting topic we’ve put on the blog, ice dams were definitely a hot topic last winter – so stay ahead of winter this year and learn a little before Mother Nature comes a’calling!

How Does an Ice Dam Happen? View Here