To adapt to increasing healthcare costs, many employers have found value in encouraging healthcare consumerism among employees. Continuous changes and developments in the healthcare sector including the Affordable Care Act and the adoption of high-deductible health plans have put employees in a place of a control when it comes to choices regarding their healthcare expenses. By empowering employees and giving them the tools to make them engaged and strategic consumers, significant savings can be made, impacting both the employee’s and company’s bottom-line.




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Exemption Day is here; An all-encompassing reminder about PFML
November 30th is the day businesses in Massachusetts can make their finalized exemption out of the State run Paid Family & Medical Leave program. This has been a journey that started last July, was paused until October, and has been part of businesses’ operational strategy for almost 18 months now…
COVID has not slowed down PFML
The COVID Pandemic of 2020 has pushed PFML to the back burner as businesses have struggled to reinvent their operations amidst financial concerns and remote work arrangements…
Handling Benefits Open Enrollment Amidst COVID19 Pandemic
Are there less ideal working conditions to have a engaging benefits open enrollment than a national pandemic? Combine that with a couple months of quarantine and phsyical locations of businesses just now slowly opening after being forced to close. A bifurcated workforce between employees going into the office and others are working remotely has made every aspect of business operations chaotic for the past 3+ months…
PFML Recap, Glimpse into the Future; Where does your organization stand?
The road getting to 2021 has come with its challenges right from the start. Deductions that were originally scheduled to have started July 1, 2019 were delayed to October 1, 2019 as the marketplace pushed back against legislators asking for more time to prepare for what was to come. That delay also saw a rate increase up to 0.75% of gross payroll up from the original 0.63%…
Private PFML
As the marketplace catches up Private PFML; RogersGray is moving to Phase 2 of our strategic discussion…
"Praxis" - How belief in change can lead to positive Health Insurance results in Massachusetts
The word “Praxis” is talked about regularly in personal development arenas. It refers to an integration of belief with a change in behavior. In other words, if you truly believe in something, you must willingly change your behavior to achieve the results you desire…



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