The insurance industry is ever-changing. Keeping up with new standards and practices changing laws and updated industry requirements necessitates constant learning and re-learning techniques, regulations and more. Our team stays abreast of risk management concerns and changes in the insurance marketplace, offering the most accurate and up-to-date advice.

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Client Education

As a trusted and innovative provider of protection to our clients, we believe education has a direct impact on our client’s businesses and the best relationships are partnerships. RogersGray hosts monthly webinars open to all clients.

Past seminars include:

  • “Interviewing for Managers”
  • “Employer Security Concerns for Remote Workers”
  • “PFMLA Aftermath … What’s Next?”
  • And more!
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What is RGU?

RGU is a full-service learning team that aims to educate and develop both our employees and our clients. With our employees, our team takes a new consultative approach to employee learning over the course of initial new hire training and throughout their career with RG. For our clients, RGU holds monthly webinars for managers, business leaders, HR, and more.

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Employee Education

Our staff works year-round training new employees, providing eduction & supporting long-term development.

  • “Bootcamp” – Our one-week crash course on all things RG
  • Insurance Education
  • Specialized Training
  • Learning Development Plans
  • Assistance with Licensing
  • Recommendation and Prep for Designations

Looking for more Insurance Knowledge?

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