We look forward to having you join us for the 2020 RogersGray University Seminar Series.

As a trusted and innovative provider of protection to our clients, we believe education has a direct impact on our clients businesses and the best relationships are partnerships.

This page will be updated with additional insurance, employee benefits and business offerings throughout the year as we add in new seminars and webinars.

All seminars held at: 63 Smiths Lane, Kingston, MA 8:30 am – 10 am, with a light breakfast served.

Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace | February 26, 2020
In light of the recent tragedy on the South Shore, this session will address the important topic of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. As Massachusetts medicinal and recreational marijuana law and regulatory oversight evolves—and the opioid epidemic presents increasingly challenging issues—legal questions must be addressed relative to substance use and abuse in the workplace.

This seminar will discuss:

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Substance use policies and procedures relating to the use of company vehicles
  • Off site work and leave
  • How to handle an employee who you think may have a substance abuse issue.

We will also address the fact that addiction is a disease which is considered a disability under Massachusetts and federal law.


Workers Compensation: Managing the Risks, Controlling the Costs | March 18, 2020

Accidents are every employer’s worst nightmare, and dealing with the Workers’ Compensation fallout is a close second.

Having a good safety program may be your best preventive measure, but when accidents happen, your best protection is having a rock solid internal program in place to minimize the impact and control the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

Learn how to go about setting up such a program from one of the region’s top experts on the subject – Jill Scioli-Swygart of Stephenson+Brook, a firm that specializes in workers’ compensation risk management.

In her presentation, Jill will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the costs of Workers Compensation
  • Building Your Workers’ Comp. Team
  • Accident Investigation
  • Supervisor’s Role
  • Return To Work Considerations
  • Data Review: Loss Runs/Trends/EMR/Bidding

Don’t miss this opportunity to get valuable tips on how to manage the risks and control the costs of workers’ compensation in your business!


Jill Scioli-Swygart is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Stephenson+Brook. Stephenson+Brook is the foremost provider of workers’ compensation cost control programs. With a national clientele ranging from multi-state, multi-divisional corporations to relatively small independent businesses, Stephenson+Brook has earned its reputation as a leader in the workers’ compensation field.

Creating a Drama-Free Workplace | April 15, 2020

Session Detail & Registration To Be Announced 

A graduate of The University of Massachusetts, Amherst with an MBA from Northeastern University, Eric began his career at AT&T providing voice and data networking services to mid-sized companies in Boston. He then spent 16 years at Thomson Reuters selling enterprise software solutions, SVP of global sales, managing direct of North American sales and managing several departments including the North American Investor Relations and Public Relations businesses. In 2013 Eric left Thomson Reuters and founded Praxis Growth Advisors to serve businesses in greater Boston and beyond. Praxis has enjoyed steady growth as clients from the fields of financial services, insurance, enterprise software, technology, telecommunication, energy efficiency, cyber security, medical devices, real estate, nursing and hospice care plus many professional services consulting practices have shared their positive experiences with others.

Student Loan Debt Repayment as an Employee Benefit | May 20, 2020

Student Debt Centric Benefits are the hottest addition to the financial health and wellness benefits stack. Enter FutureFuel.io. Join us for a session with FutureFuel.io‘s Founder and CEO, Laurel Taylor. Laurel will facilitate an education-centric “how to” guide, helping employers understand:

  • State of Student Debt and Employee Dis-Ease
  • Percentage of Employees Indebted Today and Projections Over the Next 10 Years
  • Chief Care Abouts of Millennials to Parents Alike
  • Hyper-mobility of Today’s Workforce (aka – attrition) and How to Inspire Loyalty
  • Refinancing: Benefits and Tradeoffs
  • Tax implications of Student Debt Benefits (Repayment)
  • How to Get Started with Limited Budget

Registration To Be Announced

Interviewing for Managers [Workshop] | July 15, 2020

This will be a hands-on workshop, limited to 20 registrants.

More Information to Come

Data Analytics as a Tool to Reduce Health Care Costs | September 16, 2020

Session Detail & Registration To Be Announced

Don’t Let Them Take a Byte: Defending Your Data Bit by Bit | October 21, 2020
Join Kevin Ricci, a Principal and a leader within Citrin Cooperman’s Technology Risk and Advisory Consulting (TRAC) team, as he shares his cybersecurity expertise to help you develop a strategic and effective cybersecurity gameplan.

In addition to spending over 15 years as a technology and cybersecurity consultant, Kevin has also spent more than 15 years as the head of IT departments, so he has first-hand experience from the trenches.

This session will cover strategies to help minimize your cyber-risk and keep your business safe and secure. Attendees will leave with actionable steps that can be immediately implemented.

This session will cover:

  • Statistics and overview of today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • The cost of a data breach
  • Best practices for passwords, remote and mobile computing, email usage, and more
  • Spear phishing detection and avoidance
  • Getting the most out of a cybersecurity awareness training program



Political Climate - What's Next in 2021? | November 18, 2020

Session Detail & Registration To Be Announced

Previous Sessions

PFML Aftermath... What's Next? | January 22, 2020

As we kick off a new year, the Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave program is official. Whether you have a private plan exemption or are staying with the state’s plan, at RogersGray, we are transitioning our conversation over the next 15 months to prepare for administering these benefits.

Topics will include:

  • Leave Management in general; managing a combination of Federal FLMA, State PFML, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Sick Pay, Vacation Time, etc
  • Updates needed for in-force Short- and Long-Term Disability prior to 2021
  • Administrative controls/processes for employees requesting leave to manage use/abuse of different leave programs
  • HR Best Practices for ramp up in 2020 and 2021; Handbooks, Employee Education, Policies/Procedures, and potential Technology Options



Jenifer is a founding partner in the firm of Phifer Pinkham, LLC. Jenifer’s areas of expertise include employment law, civil, business and probate litigation, probate administration, including guardianships and conservatorships, special education advocacy and appeals, and intellectual property, including licenses, trademarks and copyright. Jenifer is a frequent lecturer and speaker on various employment law topics.  She also is hired to conduct training sessions and seminars for businesses to instruct owners and their staff how to handle various employment law issues in the workplace. Jenifer currently serves on the Board of Directors at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.  She also serves on the Board of Directors at South Shore Stars.  She is also active in political campaigns, including as Treasurer for a State Representative’s campaign committee.

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