When it comes to operating a successful business, having the right people in the right positions is a key factor. In a hot job market, this task can become increasingly challenging. It is critical to recruit effectively, since failed placements and turnover lead to inefficiency and increased costs. There are a variety of ways to manage your company’s recruitment process to reach the most viable candidates, and to review those candidates most fully.


For many entry-level positions, it is helpful to recruit on college campuses to reach those students about to graduate and enter the workforce. This may include attending job fairs or hosting interviewing, training or resume critique sessions to meet potential applicants.

It is also important to network with career centers in the area. This will be a method for finding new applicants as well as a way to attend more job fairs and meet more people. In today’s high-tech world, it is crucial to utilize social media outreach and online talent communities. This may include social media outlets such as LinkedIn and Facebook; hiring sites such as Glassdoor, Linkup, Simply Hired or Indeed; or local chamber of commerce organizations such as South Shore Young Professionals or Cape Cod Young Professionals

Your recruitment strategy should always work to emphasize the benefits of working for your organization. This would include stressing the benefits and perks packages, time off, training and development, wellness and the company culture.

It is critical to recruit effectively, since failed placements and turnover lead to inefficiency and increased costs.

Assuming the business values corporate responsibility, be sure to promote the value that the company adds to the community as a whole with charitable giving and community outreach.

Work/life issues are of concern to many job-seekers in today’s market, and offering options that help them find balance will make you an employer of choice. Some options to consider include a benefits package that meets physical, financial and overall well-being needs for employee, flexible work schedules, paid time off to rejuvenate and refresh, educational and developmental opportunities. But think outside the box and ask your employees what is important to them.

For many firms, multiple locations are also a strong selling point, as they can reduce the commute time for workers in a particular area.


When it comes to reviewing applicants, remember to look for the qualities of candidates, not just necessarily experience. Given a bright motivated candidate with little experience, training and development can often teach to the position. Culture fit is of primary importance when it comes to finding a long-term placement.


Aside from recruiting and retaining employees, it is also important to grow your internal talent. This can be done through employee evaluations, training and continuing education. This strategy helps retain current employees and position them for internal promotions, thus increasing efficiency and reducing hiring and training costs associated with new hires.

The RogersGray Academy, for example, is a training and development sector of our company and is available for all new and existing employees to develop their skills and abilities. This type of focused support will help groom entry-level employees to become great insurance professionals with continued development. Most companies can benefit from this type of formal introductory program for new hires.

It is important for employees to envision career path development through multi-tiered positions, and to see that the company, whenever possible, promotes from within. Also, consider creating an organizational framework in which employees can transfer position within departments or to other areas of the organization.

Technology and Social Connection

Today’s business world is fully integrated with technology, and companies that want to attract the best employees need to lead from the front with innovation and technology. Business leaders need to ensure that their firm has a strong website alongside Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter and Glassdoor pages that tell the story of the organization and why it’s a great place to work.

When it comes to making your company a desirable place to work, it is important to thoughtfully integrate progressive and growth driven planning and strategies. Work with your communications and marketing teams to help craft the message of why your business is an “employer of choice.” Through current and forward-thinking expertise in your industry and market trends, and an awareness of the benefits of creating a company culture that values its employees, you will offer a workplace appealing to the cream of the crop.