Having your vehicle broken into is an awful experience, it can cause damage to your car, the loss of anything inside, and it can leave you feeling unsafe. A car break-in is the most common crime in America, so while you hope it never happens to you, it’s good to be prepared.

You can’t stop someone from breaking into your car when you aren’t around, but it’s good to do everything you can. Be sure to always lock the doors, try to park in a safe, well-lit area if available, and hide all valuables you may keep in there. But, this still won’t be enough to keep every possible thief away from your vehicle. If your car is broken into, the first thing you’ll want to do is call the police. Don’t touch anything until they arrive, and file a report when they do. You’ll also need to file an insurance claim(s) depending on the damage and what was stolen.

Damage to your car and items stolen from inside are very different for insurance purposes, so different that they go through different policies. If your car was damaged in a break-in, let’s say smashed windows or damaged locks, your auto insurance policy should cover this only if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage that helps protect your vehicle from damage outside of an accident, things like:

  • Airbags
  • Broken Windows
  • Damaged Glove Compartment
  • Stolen Stereos/GPS
  • Cosmetic Damages

If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurer should take care of the damage, but not your missing items. For your missing items, you’ll need to look to your homeowners or renters insurance. You should check with your specific policy, but typically these forms of insurance cover not just the items in your home, but in your car as well. This will usually include:

  • Laptops or Computers
  • Sports Equipment
  • Phones or Tablets
  • Clothing/Sunglasses/Jewelry
  • Wallet/Purses
  • Work Equipment/Tools

This means that if your car broken into and things are stolen, you’ll be looking at two separate insurance claims. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage or homeowners/renters insurance, it may be worth looking into your options to be sure you’re covered in a situation like this.

Car break-ins happen every day, make sure you do all that you can to be sure you’re prepared. Get started today by contacting a RogersGray advisor below!

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Greg Ormon

Greg Ormon


Greg Ormon is a Private Risk Advisor with RogersGray. Greg recognizes how important it is to put a client’s needs first. His goal is to make the process as easy and understandable as possible. Greg specializes in homeowners, auto, boat & yacht, builders risk, special event, umbrella and many other types of personal insurance.

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